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Colour Party.

22 May

Colour Party.

Another set of recently developed photographs, taken on my analogue camera at some parties for semester end at our college. Played with coloured filters again 🙂 I love how the pictures come out. 


Amelie – Title Credits

18 Apr


I had a Motion graphics workshop which lasted for a week. Our final submission had to be the title credits for any movie we liked, incorporating what we’d learnt in the class.

Amelie is one of my favourite movies so I illustrated each graphic on Illustrator and then imported them onto After Effects.
Thanks, enjoy!

An attempt at double exposure (Lomography)

30 Aug

A little reminder

4 Aug

Been obsessed with the Noah and the Whale song for this week. I just bought a pen tablet and I’m not used to it, but here’s one of my first attempts on it.

Remember, L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.


29 Jun


Here’s my experiment with my little Kodak Kb10 –

I took some yellow clear paper and stuck it on top of the flash on my camera and created the effects that a Coloursplash Camera creates.

Shall try with reds, greens and blues next time 😀