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“How to” Illustrated Booklets

11 Jun

As part of an Illustration course in my college, we had to create two “How to” illustrated booklets. One booklet had to be based on something completely fictional or conceptual, while the other one had to be based on something practical/realistic. One had to be digitally drawn and the other was to be hand drawn.

My realistic and hand drawn booklet touched the issue of selecting the right bra when shopping for one. I felt that this was a problem faced by all women. The booklet was designed and folded in such a way that it opened where the clasp at the back of the bra was, revealing the instructions inside.

I am quite tall and I’ve often had friends say that they envy my height. Once you hit a certain age you stop growing in height, so I made this conceptual booklet on how to grow taller once you’ve stopped growing. All content in this booklet is purely fictional and do not try this at home. This was digitally drawn. The booklet was designed and folded in such a way that tt would open up like a pair of pants as the legs grew longer as you opened more pages.



Details to this project are on this link: http://www.behance.net/gallery/How-to-Illustrated-Booklets/9237953?share=1




Amelie – Title Credits

18 Apr


I had a Motion graphics workshop which lasted for a week. Our final submission had to be the title credits for any movie we liked, incorporating what we’d learnt in the class.

Amelie is one of my favourite movies so I illustrated each graphic on Illustrator and then imported them onto After Effects.
Thanks, enjoy!


Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain

12 Mar

To view the entire project, click on this link : http://www.behance.net/gallery/Le-fabuleux-destin-dAmlie-Poulain-Title-Credits/8869289



Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain

I made this minimalist poster for the film I made. We had to re-create title credits of any movie, so I chose one of my favourites. Below are the illustrations I made for the video.

Amelie - water stone skipping Amelie Box of things - amelie clouds for umbrella Fish and the fishbow1l Glass man's paint a nd glass Gnome Handkerchief and pills Letter from Husband Nino's Photo book Photo Album Tape Recorder


17 May

Koobecaf:: A Video about Facebook made by Me and Maithili Panikar

This was for our final project for a course called “Order and Chaos”. Me and Thili shot, edited and did this documentary in a week’s time while at the same time created physical facebook walls for each and every person in our batch. We had to find a system that disrupted an order, which resulted in chaos and finally resulting in a higher form of order. Me, Thili and Radha (one group) began to delve into the idea that maybe Facebook was an altrenative system to our current systems which people have started to prefer over time. People begin to find order in a virtual reality, adapting themselves to how their image is on the site while the site itself adapts to people’s tastes and likes.

Description of the video:

We went around taking videos of people responding to what people do on Facebook and what annoys them on Facebook. Are they irritated with Facebook or irritated by the way people have begun to treat Facebook as their personal blogs. We have observed that in fact, it’s not Facebook they’re annoyed by, it’s the useless nonsense that people chose to share on their walls, on other walls and the language they use. We have also questioned people (taped a few) on what they would feel if Facebook was put on “cyberoam” on campus. The general response to that is the usual “I don’t care”, “I can live without Facebook”, “If i needed to, i’ll go home and access Facebook”, etc. But we have sat and observed others as well ourselves working on auto-pilot, logging onto Facebook automatically when we have WiFi. Its on our laptops, our phones, we talk about what was posted the night before or just posted on some wall or the other. We’ve even noticed that things like no sign-up or something college related will be posted on Facebook instead of being texted or even told to another person who’s in the same pg as you. We have com to assume that people will get a message because its on Facebook, its shocking or their fault they didn’t get the message on time. Our initial idea was to request permission to block Facebook for a week in college but that was a problem as that would block Facebook for the whole of N3 and N2, which would really anger a lot of people. it just made us realize how important Facebook is.


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