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Posters for Music Artist: Feist

20 Feb

Priyanka Mehta_Graphical Representation of Music artist - Feist Poster_Assignment 5_Eloquens Feist poster 3 lighter-02The poster on top is a graphical representation of what Feist’s music says to me and the  poster at the bottom is an advertisement for a hypothetical concert happening here in Bangalore.



For a band, a quick sketch on an over-exposed photograph

20 Feb

monkey in me

Bench Assemblage

20 Feb

Assemblage for bench3A poster made for a quick video I made for our Scenography Class. The clip is about how different people interact with the same bench which is located on a main road. When one sits on this bench everything seems quieter as the traffic never stops there, it just whizzes past.

Blue Blanket

27 Jul

I wrote this for my Liberal Arts Course. We’d had to discuss a memory we had in class and then we had make up a story keeping the essence of that memory in mind. 


I risked a look over the railing and immediately stepped back. The ocean lay like a blue blanket, hiding the life it contained within its folds. Not knowing what was hidden from me made my heart thump harder. I walked towards the captain of the boat whose smile was contagious enough to make me feel safe.

My greatest hobby was to swim. But waters, which weren’t clear or too deep for me to see the bottom, made me nervous. I imagined dark, twisted creatures lurking in the depths of the vast ocean, waiting for anyone who dared to dip their toes into the cool water.

I never expected what was to come next. Apparently my younger brother thought to do the same as I had just done, to lean over the railing and look at the water. He leaned too far and he fell right in. A splash alarmed us all and being the protective sister I was, I jumped straight in to save him knowing fully well that he hadn’t learnt how to swim. The boat had been moving at a great speed so I had to swim away from it to reach where he had fallen. As saltwater blinded me, thoughts of some creature touching my unguarded feet made me panic. I heard splashes of others diving in to rescue us but I was a faster swimmer. I felt like I was drowning as I reached for my brother’s hand. Fear spread through my body like I was getting electrocuted. My brother’s screams cut through my thoughts and bought me back to why I risked jumping in. I kicked hard to stay out of the water and managed to get him on my back. Forcing my fears out of my mind, I swam to the boat where the others helped us up.

Once safely on the boat, I sat there shaking for the longest time. I conquered my fear in a strange way to save someone I cared for. I felt a sudden peace wash over me. After everyone fussed over us, and we were in dry clothes again, I sat on deck and let the wind play my hair.


Let’s Get Physical.

12 Jun


I quickly made this on Photoshop.

I want a letter or postcard with my name on it in the mail again.

I wish the Inidan Postal services were a bit more .. reliable.

I’m going to start listing my good friend’s addresses and send them letters frequently.

If I can make someone’s day with a letter, then why not?

Maybe soon they’ll return the favour ^-^


17 May

Koobecaf:: A Video about Facebook made by Me and Maithili Panikar

This was for our final project for a course called “Order and Chaos”. Me and Thili shot, edited and did this documentary in a week’s time while at the same time created physical facebook walls for each and every person in our batch. We had to find a system that disrupted an order, which resulted in chaos and finally resulting in a higher form of order. Me, Thili and Radha (one group) began to delve into the idea that maybe Facebook was an altrenative system to our current systems which people have started to prefer over time. People begin to find order in a virtual reality, adapting themselves to how their image is on the site while the site itself adapts to people’s tastes and likes.

Description of the video:

We went around taking videos of people responding to what people do on Facebook and what annoys them on Facebook. Are they irritated with Facebook or irritated by the way people have begun to treat Facebook as their personal blogs. We have observed that in fact, it’s not Facebook they’re annoyed by, it’s the useless nonsense that people chose to share on their walls, on other walls and the language they use. We have also questioned people (taped a few) on what they would feel if Facebook was put on “cyberoam” on campus. The general response to that is the usual “I don’t care”, “I can live without Facebook”, “If i needed to, i’ll go home and access Facebook”, etc. But we have sat and observed others as well ourselves working on auto-pilot, logging onto Facebook automatically when we have WiFi. Its on our laptops, our phones, we talk about what was posted the night before or just posted on some wall or the other. We’ve even noticed that things like no sign-up or something college related will be posted on Facebook instead of being texted or even told to another person who’s in the same pg as you. We have com to assume that people will get a message because its on Facebook, its shocking or their fault they didn’t get the message on time. Our initial idea was to request permission to block Facebook for a week in college but that was a problem as that would block Facebook for the whole of N3 and N2, which would really anger a lot of people. it just made us realize how important Facebook is.


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