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Amelie – Title Credits

18 Apr

I had a Motion graphics workshop which lasted for a week. Our final submission had to be the title credits for any movie we liked, incorporating what we’d learnt in the class.

Amelie is one of my favourite movies so I illustrated each graphic on Illustrator and then imported them onto After Effects.
Thanks, enjoy!


Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain

12 Mar

To view the entire project, click on this link :

Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain

I made this minimalist poster for the film I made. We had to re-create title credits of any movie, so I chose one of my favourites. Below are the illustrations I made for the video.

Amelie - water stone skipping Amelie Box of things - amelie clouds for umbrella Fish and the fishbow1l Glass man's paint a nd glass Gnome Handkerchief and pills Letter from Husband Nino's Photo book Photo Album Tape Recorder

Website Design for Project

20 Feb

IMG_8044-001For my Project in my third semester, a group of six girls including myself conceived, designed and created the UI for a website which would serve as a platform for artists and space owners in the city of Bangalore to meet. This was in collaboration with non-profit organization Maraa, IIIT-B and Zeenath Hasan of Mälmo University. The picture on top is of the final physical model of the home page for the website which we used during our final presentation.

The first excersise to get introduced to the project is here :

We had to creae an ideal imaginary space which is here :

Then a basic wireframe that I created in greyscale is here :

Priyanka Mehta_Art Spaces-ACK


This is an infographic I created out of the interviews we had to take during the course.


paper planes Website newsprint wireframes Resized3 Resized2 IMG_7969-001 Resized1Iterations and the final wireframes we made for the website. I did most of the illustrations and the final wireframes on Adobe Illustrator.




Bench Assemblage

20 Feb

Assemblage for bench3A poster made for a quick video I made for our Scenography Class. The clip is about how different people interact with the same bench which is located on a main road. When one sits on this bench everything seems quieter as the traffic never stops there, it just whizzes past.

An attempt at double exposure (Lomography)

30 Aug


MiDi brain

4 Jul



29 Jun

Here’s my experiment with my little Kodak Kb10 –

I took some yellow clear paper and stuck it on top of the flash on my camera and created the effects that a Coloursplash Camera creates.

Shall try with reds, greens and blues next time 😀

Let’s Get Physical.

12 Jun


I quickly made this on Photoshop.

I want a letter or postcard with my name on it in the mail again.

I wish the Inidan Postal services were a bit more .. reliable.

I’m going to start listing my good friend’s addresses and send them letters frequently.

If I can make someone’s day with a letter, then why not?

Maybe soon they’ll return the favour ^-^