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Eat well and Travel often.

22 May

Eat well and travel often - text with image in Pune University

Combining text and image.


For a band, a quick sketch on an over-exposed photograph

20 Feb

monkey in me

Bench Assemblage

20 Feb

Assemblage for bench3A poster made for a quick video I made for our Scenography Class. The clip is about how different people interact with the same bench which is located on a main road. When one sits on this bench everything seems quieter as the traffic never stops there, it just whizzes past.

Lomo-pictures of my friend’s fashion show!

30 Aug

The designer, Tsohil Bhatia, is a college-mate of mine. This show happened in Jaaga in Bangalore.

I just took pictures of some of the models with my trusty analogue camera, with different coloured filters.

Ask me for his details if you want to get in touch with him, if you like his style 🙂


29 Jun

Here’s my experiment with my little Kodak Kb10 –

I took some yellow clear paper and stuck it on top of the flash on my camera and created the effects that a Coloursplash Camera creates.

Shall try with reds, greens and blues next time 😀



27 Jun




20 Jun





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