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Let’s Get Physical.

12 Jun


I quickly made this on Photoshop.

I want a letter or postcard with my name on it in the mail again.

I wish the Inidan Postal services were a bit more .. reliable.

I’m going to start listing my good friend’s addresses and send them letters frequently.

If I can make someone’s day with a letter, then why not?

Maybe soon they’ll return the favour ^-^


Analogue anyone?

11 Jun

It all triggered from a friend of mine who’s really into lomography. I created an account three months ago but completely forgot about it. Recently, on arriving home on summer break I dug out my old Kodak Kb10 and I’ve taken it around bring careful to take pictures I only wanted printed. I bought this a month ago and I’m still trying to finish the reel. Lately I revisited my Oks account on and I’ve been going through pictures and getting inspired. I found old pictures I took when I was younger and scanned a few. A lot more together but I like the dreamy non restricted-Ness quality analogue has over digital. I’m thinking of trying my hand with it too. Let’s have some fun, Aye?

Poster made by me btw. 20 seconds on Photoshop!


Colour in the city.

10 Jun


Took pictures of a puja pandal near my house. I’m loving the beautiful colours they’ve used. Below they used the sun umbrellas from Orissa on the roof of the pandal. This is the house of Durga Maa with her four children during the Durga Puja. Many more pictures from the place her idol is made coming up.
When I was younger I used to have a lovely blue one with little mirrors all over, but my brother broke it when he sat in it like a boat and went down the stairs. -_- Haha I was do mad that day.



Rain !

8 Jun


Finally rain in my city after a heat wave alert. People in my state died, its been that hot. Always carry a bottle of water with my now, which is new for me – been trying to make it a habit to drink regularly, anyway – it finally stormed today, what I relief to walk in it.