For my friends back at home.

22 Jul

For my friends back at home.

Coffeeeee ❤

“How to” Illustrated Booklets

11 Jun

As part of an Illustration course in my college, we had to create two “How to” illustrated booklets. One booklet had to be based on something completely fictional or conceptual, while the other one had to be based on something practical/realistic. One had to be digitally drawn and the other was to be hand drawn.

My realistic and hand drawn booklet touched the issue of selecting the right bra when shopping for one. I felt that this was a problem faced by all women. The booklet was designed and folded in such a way that it opened where the clasp at the back of the bra was, revealing the instructions inside.

I am quite tall and I’ve often had friends say that they envy my height. Once you hit a certain age you stop growing in height, so I made this conceptual booklet on how to grow taller once you’ve stopped growing. All content in this booklet is purely fictional and do not try this at home. This was digitally drawn. The booklet was designed and folded in such a way that tt would open up like a pair of pants as the legs grew longer as you opened more pages.



Details to this project are on this link:



Let’s “Tessellate”

27 May

Patterns created after understanding different colours.

There’s a lioness in me.

27 May

Lioness inside

It’s all the rage now, putting animal heads on human bodies.

Lioness’ are such bad asses, I’d love to be one. The way they move, so graceful and proud, this magnificent beast is the Queen of the Jungle.

I’m a Leo by zodiac and sometimes I can be just like what Leos are described to be like.
I’d love to be a Lioness.

This could be me in the mornings, I am not a morning person 😛

I added the leaf pendant around my neck because I am a vegetarian (by choice). A vegetarian Lioness is quite odd.


Colour Party.

22 May

Colour Party.

Another set of recently developed photographs, taken on my analogue camera at some parties for semester end at our college. Played with coloured filters again 🙂 I love how the pictures come out. 


Pictures at the beach

22 May

Pictures at the beach

Taken at Juhu Beach in Mumbai. One early morning we woke up at 5 and groggily piled into the car and went there. The beach may not be the most beautiful I’ve seen, but hey, Ocean is ocean. 🙂 Taken on my analogue camera. Just got these developed a few days ago once I got back from my trip. 

Greetings from over here.

22 May

Gita and meIt was my friend’s birthday.